Reusable-UI is a personal project created by Hey Marco. Hopefully in the future the Reusable-UI will be a team project.

MarcoHi I'm Marco (my english nickname).
My original name is Yunus Kurniawan. Sadly my english friends have trouble pronouncing my name, even if my local friends. Then I created a nickname Mario, inspired by Nintendo's mascot: Super Mario Bross. But that name actually makes me ridiculed, so then I modified my nickname to Marco. So, please call me Marco.

import { YunusKurniawan as Marco } from '@reusable-ui/creator'

Before pandemic, I was a craftsman with Arduino powered inside my crafts. I was vb, c++, c# and JavaScript for my side job and hobby. But after pandemic I left my crafting and focusing in web development. Then a Reusable-UI born! Previously named Nodestrap then renamed to Reusable-UI.

The version 1 to 3 of Nodestrap was failed projects and never published properly (but you can see my repo in my GitHub). Then the version 4 released here.
Starting from version 5, the name changed to Reusable-UI.

Hopefully you like my project and makes your react project much fun! Please support me for my existence!